You deserve a good meal

If you are not able to chew, or if swallowing is a challenge, you might have to blend your meals. But regular meals are not made for blending, and the result is often less joyful to eat.

The recipes on this webpage, on the contrary, are composed for the sole purpose of being blended. Our way of cooking is designed to bring out all the great flavours of the ingredients in the final, blended meal.

Our meals are easy to cook, well tasting and healthy. We use ordinary ingredients that you can buy off-the-shelf in almost any supermarket. You don’t need fancy, expensive kitchen utensils. You can save time, cook many meals at the same time, freeze, and save for later.



An all time classic in the nochew kitchen. Made with chicken breast, aubergine, squash, onion, garlic, celery, mushrooms carrots and tomatoes.

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Rich and tasty, Chicken breast, curry, apples, red pepper. ginger, mushrooms, onion, haricots verts, carrots, coco milk, tomatoes and lemon.

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This dish has an Asian touch and a rich taste. You will problably love it!

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Chicken Ratatouille

How to do


All you need - apart from your stove - is a good knife, a cutting board, a cooking spoon, a big pot (preferably with a thick bottom) - and an immersion blender.

A deep freezer is also nice, though, because it makes it possible for you to cook many meals at a time and freeze them for later use.


We created these recipes because we had to. All recipes found on this webpage have been created by father and son, the son being the “no-chewer” because of a physical disability. We hope that you will find inspiration for your own cooking here.